Sunday, May 31, 2009

DAY 5 - "Blue Magic"

Ever since i was about 4 years old i decided after watching a local lawyers commercial that blue is the best color in the history o the spectrum. It just mesmerizes me, i can almost taste it..

For some reason i always felt like the blue M&M's are the most delectable of all the colors in an m&m pack, even though thats preposterous.

And pretty much i been feeling blue today..missin my flash and overall boredom..going through the emotions like a female, ugh!

I present to you.."Blue Magic", no Frank Lucas.

full size:

does it move? lol

Prelude to Day 5

Been home, organizing the photos from sneakerpimps last night. Such a fun time..SLUT TIIIME!

Got to see The Clipse and Cool kids perform

LOL, im brainstorming at the moment, still missing my flash...i took it for granted, now i gotta contact NPS to see where i can go to repair and get a quote or something. stay tumed
for day 5.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

DAY 4 - "The Shining"

Today is Sneaker pimps, and im stoked for the clipse performance and a lil happy to see Cool kids perform..

copped some new kicks just for the occasion, and when i opened the box they just shine at me..oh so fly..also my first pair of Dunks so they are special too meeeee

Prelude to Day 4

I'm here chillin.. wit no flash

reminds me of the D40 days..anti-stock SB lol

this isnt so bad, but i gotta send it in for repair soon. had a few ideas i needed to scrap becausew of no strobage....pic coming soon tho, and i'm ready for sneaker pimps bitches!

stay tuned O_O

Friday, May 29, 2009

DAY 3 - "Darkness Falls"

I am royally royally pissed right now... i was having an awesome day, copped some kicks, got my sneakerpimps tickets and i fucking break my flash..i wont even explain how i managed to do it, im a fucking douchebag.

..i had to revert to a fucking lamp in my kitchen, i guess this is apart of the hard road, i aint stoppin now.

I present to you "Darkness falls"
Inspiration should be obvious

heres the corpse... im so mad, oh my god

now atleast i have an excuse to buy an alienbee flash..owww

Prelude to DAY 3

Well today i have some things to take care of, but my mind never takes a break even when i'm busy handling human tasks. I've had a boatload of ideas run in and out of my mind, hopefully before night fall i settle on one and execute it to perfection.

I'm starting to enjoy this challenge more and more, gives me something to wake up for besides FOOOD! lol

Stay posted my ninjas, UNKLELUCNESS IS AT HAND

Thursday, May 28, 2009

DAY 2 - "Breakthrough"

After some trial and error, a temper tantrum, and semi-nervouse breakdown(all in day 2). i finally caught my stroke of genius..conceited? sorry, i'll let you judge whether or not this is epic worthy..keepin it short and sweet.. this is my "BREAKTHROUGH"

Prelude to Day 2

The pressure is building

i've already ran through a shitload of ideas that just don't seem to be coming to fruition. the growing pains starting mad early eh?

this is the meticulous, perfectionist shit i go through on a daily basis...*sigh*. i need some time to get it together

Day 2 shot..COMING SOON

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Day 1 - "wheres yo head at?"

After stalling tremendously i finaly gathered my sack and decided to do a 365.. for those who don't know, that means i am required to take a self portrait everyday for one year straight.

Some might say.. "well that's simple!" ...not when you are as meticulous, insecure, conceited, and anxiety stricken as myself. I want everything to be perfect, everything to look magnificent. Even though the purpose of this is to grow as an artist and a photographer im still feeling the pressure of putting out day after day.

I guess we're gonna have to see how it goes eh?

So today i was brainstorming like crazy and i couldn't come up with anything and i just wanted to throw my head off and buy a new one that might have some ideas in it..then it hit me! the classic "CUT YOUR OWN HEAD OFF" PICTURE!

BRILLIANT!...not so much, its been done before, including myself..but i'd thought id try it again to see if i can get a better outcome.