Sunday, February 28, 2010

A new day

Snaps i caught on the beach while filming a scene or the short film releasing parallel to his album

Day 278 - All nighters / Day 277 - 11:59

♬Blu - Morning♬

Last Night, myself, Jordan, Jr, and Andres(aka personal) stayed up and got high on 5-hour energy and epic conversation about lucid dreams.

The purpose of our sleeplessness was to catch the sun rise, Personal and i are creating a short film to accompany the release of his debut album(SYDNEY IN THEORY), and the final scene of the film (and yada yada..)

needless to say it was amazing, haven't watched he sun rise since 1999

Got in the shot, right on the dot


Saturday, February 27, 2010

Day 276 - A lesson in Swindle: The Daniel Rojas chronicles / Day 275 - Waffle Fries / Day274 - Edit time

Moral of the story is, Never try to meet female nascar drivers that claim to know Raekwon on a personal level.

the details of this.. swindle of swindastic proportions shall remain within the analls of slut time

The SP/SF crew flocked to Relz house to chill out, watch internet videos(James earl jones VS. Watermelon, Unforgivable, etc).

Started off with some profanity lace intrusion on a bible study, making fun of scriptures with my scary movie voices. Then Relz came over with our awesome.

As we sat talking in the living room, 2 cats were kicking each others ass outside, and i used my cat whispering skills to adopt Slut times official feline member. Her name is Mujerezuela Pollo(Slut chicken).. don't ask why.

I also defeated a so called pool shark after everybody went down, including Cruz(who usually never loses.. in anything)

altogether fun night

Spent the night editing the photos i did for Triple jay

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Day 273 - Strange Fruit


♬Billie Holiday - Strange Fruit♬

Today's photo is inspired by Billi Holidays song strange fruit, if you have not heard it yet, id suggest you do so. Its quite eerie, especially if you go into it already knowing the meaning of the song.

I heard about it today in Jazz History class, once the title finally settled in, i was immediately struck by it. Very eerie, and very powerful lyrics. Its almost mind rapingly impactful, thats where i tried to take this pic, sorry if its kinda "dark"

Monday, February 22, 2010

Day 272 - Gazelle time / Day 271 - Final Bleh

I dare you to f*ck with me and my army of Gazelle

Since the switch to mac, i been wracking my brain tryna get an epic video editor to mess with

Sony Vegas is PC only.. After effects is buggin out.. and after some shenanigans installing Final cut i finally got it to work.. boy am i confused

I recently took on a job for to edit some drake interview, and other projects and i was basically fighting with this thing, scrambling through youtube tutorials just to learn how to do basic things.. tomfoolery i tell ya, my head is expanding

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Day 270 - Meet Steven / Day 260 - Tick tock

So i was shooting outside the house today aand playing around with the light, since i dont have the Vagabond battery yet, i utilized my trusty 100 ft extension cord lol.

After a while this pizza boy was driving around, i assumed he was looking for an adress to drop off the pizzas he had in his car. instead he turned around parked on the sid eof my house and asked if he could watch me shoot, turns out he sold his camera for some quick cash.. and he told me how he regrets it so much

I could see it in his eyes how bad he wanted to get back into photography, apparently he used to shoot cars, showed me some of his work on his blackberry..

we chopped it up a few, i gave him m info. hopefully he gets back into the photo game, we can trade some tricks

♫David Guetta Ft./Kid Cudi - Memories♫
Slut time is afoot

after a near dead battery, GPS chennanigans

i finally reached my lovely destination.. where the women dislike clothing =]

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Day 268 - back in the game

"Oh you thought it was over!?"

After a brief recess from the sneaker game, to save money for investing in equipment for UnkleLuc media.. i got some things off my list, so i cleared my wallet for some sneaker spending

boy was it a relief, my closet was getting stale.. i just might be a problem again

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Day 267 - "Look who's home" / Day 266 - Obstacle course

After i finally to to Broward(again) for the shoot for my friend Chris and his Girlfriend, i headed over to Andres aka Personal aka Cafe P aka Slut time Beethoven

we chilled, chopped it up about the album that was supposed to drop forever ago, being that he's a super perfectionist, its been delayed longer than Detox

got a preview, and it sounds magnificent. Even sampled Cruz and Jordan in a tack titled "sunny side down" basically dedicated to the slut time movement, its awesome

Today i was scheduled to shoot my marine friend Chris who's in town with his grifriend who lives in Japan.

It was one dead end after the other keeping me from getting to do this shoot on time, be it traffic, or more traffic, or whatever, i was not meant to be there. when i finally got onto the highway, he called and asked to re-schedule...BUMMERRRRRRR...(that means the stuff i rented to shoot with would be billed another day)..but hey, thats the life of a photo i guess

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

100 days to go

Crunch time in full effect

i got 100 more pictures, 100 more days, 100 more memories until my project is over!

I'll just update yall on my life, since i been neglecting the prelude segments for some time now..

Going to school heavy again, 2010 has been up and down, but very up recently, getting alotta love and a tad bit of noteriety for some of my work, its an awesome feeling, but just the tippy tip of the iceberg. Plan on making some big moves this year, and everything is going according to plan.

im moving forward with a mentality of unity and expansion, but also a villainous role, someone people should fear, because at the end of the day i see this field as a competition. So i'm silently trying to end careers (shhh, don't tell anyone)

Goals i want to achieve before the end of my project

Get a battery pack for my Alienbee(s)
Pick up another light(or 2)
Get my work into an Art Gallery(Like Eazy street, or something in the art district for art Walk)

wish me luck, up UP AND WAyyYYY

Monday, February 15, 2010

Day 263 - Trigger issues / Day 264 - Browse / Day 265 - Long exposure sex

Just messing wit some more long exposure

this is totally unplanned epicness

Sp/SF slut time crew chilled at Jasons house to watch the all-star game..

made a bet with Cruz to watch the gruesome video(3 guys 1 hammer) without flinching,, and he laughed a few times throughout(in his defense, he was laughing at us reacting to him being unfazed by the sight of a man being bludgeoned to death)

well nnow i gotta pay for the slut time stickers, since cruz is a sick f*ck.. or shall i say "desensitized"

As y'all already may know, i recently purchased some cyber syncs, and for some strange reason its making m Alien bee shoot FULL BLAST

i mean no matter what power setting i put it on, it shoots at full power, and its pissing me off, i'm using the phone jack.. the rest of the cords they sent me.. seem to have absolutely no place.. its STRANGE O___o

i don't know what to do, someone who uses cybersyncs gotta help a brutha out

Friday, February 12, 2010

Day 262 - Mission End / Day 261 - Paperwork

Bravo CHarley this is echo delta

I've aborted Operation Pachy Beard


Like i normally do, waited til the last second to fill out my flow sheet for work

AHH I HATE PAPERWORK! , but i did it like a man

a man that hates paperwork

Wednesday, February 10, 2010



Got Cybersybc transmitter and receiver for my Alienbee


(Excuse me)

Late on uploads, switching from PC to Mac

had to "PURCHASE" adobe photoshop and lightroom

(Leaders of the new cool)

A new day is rising, a fresh new breed of creative people are coming together down here in Miami, and i can;t wait to see it manifest itself

(Geux Saints)

My man drew brees gets a ring.. still pissed Miami didnt sign him wen we had the chance

its all good, got to relax wit my friends on a side of Miami i have never been, big ol houses, old white ladies offering me chicken(while not offending me). it was awesome

(The Cool Bowl)

Enjoying myself at the Cool Bowl

I been enjoying my fifteen minutes for my video/photo coverage, i was short on sleep editing to get this out to the masses, and with hard work and good timing it ended up on basically every top hip hop blog you can think of, thanks to posting it first, got over 5,000 hits on less than 2 days

(Waking Life)

Inspired by a technique i wanted to achieve, but never had the patience to really try. VECTORING

i also recently seen 2 movies, by the same team, that totally blew my mind. A scanner darkly, and waking life, wich feature a techniqe called rotoscoping, where basically every frame of the film is vectored.. absolute insanity

needless the say the films are visually stunning, but the stories are even more awe inspiring.. not much more i can say but to go watch them

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Day 254 - Small / Day 253 - Like a tattoo / Day 252 - Kicked

Ever get that feeling?

♫Sade - Like a tattoo♫

"Heavy with the burden of the truth
And he spoke of his dreams
Broken by the burden
Broken by the burden of his youth
Fourteen years he said
I couldn't look into the sun
She saw him laying at the end of my gun
Hungry for life
And thirsty for the distant river"

School is kicking the crap outta me

Monday, February 1, 2010

Day 251 - Decisions collisions / Day 250 - BehBeh Prints / Day 249 - Drift

I finally have enough money for a mac, portable power and some remote transmitter/receivers for the alienbee.. and im stuck on what to do with the cash.. i inhered this financial irresponsibility from my mom.(sorry mommy)

i ould just go for what i planned, and try not to buy foolishness

went old school and got my prints from Walgreens

i am very pleased, got lost in the false idea that i could only get this quality of prints from some store in the art district or butt rape "PHOTOG" website, walgreens does the damn thing.

for the low =)

The more disappointing information i receive about Haiti's past, the more i learn to drift off to avoid having a stroke or some anger related fallout.