Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Day 1 - "wheres yo head at?"

After stalling tremendously i finaly gathered my sack and decided to do a 365.. for those who don't know, that means i am required to take a self portrait everyday for one year straight.

Some might say.. "well that's simple!" ...not when you are as meticulous, insecure, conceited, and anxiety stricken as myself. I want everything to be perfect, everything to look magnificent. Even though the purpose of this is to grow as an artist and a photographer im still feeling the pressure of putting out day after day.

I guess we're gonna have to see how it goes eh?

So today i was brainstorming like crazy and i couldn't come up with anything and i just wanted to throw my head off and buy a new one that might have some ideas in it..then it hit me! the classic "CUT YOUR OWN HEAD OFF" PICTURE!

BRILLIANT!...not so much, its been done before, including myself..but i'd thought id try it again to see if i can get a better outcome.


  1. Good luck, sir Luc!

    Why you look like a chubby DJ Whoo Kid in your banner?