Saturday, November 14, 2009

Day 171 - The best of the worst

This picture ranks up there with Day 31, 42, 63, and 140 as the the worst pictures i have within this 365, yet it will likely be my favorite shot of them all.

When taking this project i vowed to have the camera capture my being every single day for one year straight, and on the 171st day i woke up like i have been for the past 170..usually i wake up brainstorming, this project has taken up a big peice of my life and i never EVER forget it, because of the pressure i put on myself but on day 171 i procrastinated to the point i actually forgot to take a photo.. i was behind a church wit Personal and my brother getting the finishing touches for his music video, sittin cursing joking, and for punishment i realize i hadnt taken a photo and it was already 1:43..i was so low, i felt like i had taken a photo for half a year in vain......

i couldnt think of a lie to continue it, it just wasnt right for sucked and then i remembered when looking feverishly through videos we had shot, i kept pointing the camera at the shadows on my leg to trick the auto exposure on D90 video and had caught a frame of my foot a few times right around 11:53....i had never rejoiced like that in ages..needless to say i was elated that my project has yet to fail

i am inspired again

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