Sunday, January 10, 2010

Day 229 - Unkle Atomicus / Day 228 - Frigid Nights / Day 227 - Cold days

(Back to the saga)
This is my photoshop spin on one of my most favorite photos ever(Dali Atomicus), i have another photo in my 365 that gains inspiration from it Day 112

It was taken by the great Phillipe Halsman of another immense inspiration of mine, Salvador Dali.. depicting suspension

very trippy.. atleast back then

And it continues

Man, in all my years living in Miami.. it has never been this cold. Avergaing around 35 degrees this past week, it is ridiculous..

we actually had to call and get the AC fixed.. FOR HEAT! that is unprecedented... on top of that its raining, i could swear i'm in seattle.

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