Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Day 245 - 3rd eye blinded

♫NaS - Untitled(Louis Farrakhan)♫

This war isnt one sided, with demons tuggin me west end, i got the "good guys" on the east tuggin on me.. too bright to make out any definitive descriptions.. one second its a blue dude.. a long haired white guy... some fat bald guy, i have no idea but i thinking im leaning to the east

but only time will tell.. im being told i have a purpose.. as i've been told before, but its getting faded with every misstep i take

"I dreamt this day came
'Cause I stood in the face of damnation
Satan, spat at him, flat out disgraced him
He want my blood; why me?
Why not the fake ones who deserve death, man
Fuck it, I'll take one
Can stop me but can't stop a whole nation
Of millions who feel you deceived them
They believing reparation makes it even
So I'm deadly now because of one reason
They listening
In Budapest, Japan, China, and Switzerland
We getting it in, son
Another bullet passed by--missed me
Wondering who plotting to get me
Alphabet boys still plotting against me
To hush me up and stuff me in the pockets of history
You won't remember why they came to clip me
When time go by, you'll soon forget me" - NaS

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