Thursday, May 6, 2010

4 Day Update

->the SAGA continues<=

Finally made it to broward to soar the skys, it was fun.

->The interview before the interview<-

On our way to Broward to get lifted, we hit a u-turn wen golden of 105.5 asked for an impromptu interview from J. Nic$

so we stopped at the station and all took part in some questionnaires, and watched Nic$ answer his questions like he's had media training


Got to re-unite wit my boys from high school.

These are the main guys i chilled with, from middle school throough senior year. It took 4 years for a re-union. 1 caught ghost, 1 went to New York, 1 is a heavy worker, the other.. is AJ the douchebag

->Ready 2 go<-

Prepared for a reunion night wit my high school squadron

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