Monday, May 10, 2010

Day 350 - Level 2 / Day 349 - What the hell

♬Mobb Deep - Right back at you♬

I guess this is the 2nd day i been down here... and it fucking sucks. It smells like.. everthing is rotten and drenched in shit, sulfur wreaking ..

Surprisingly its kind of quiet, at least down on The 2nd Level, i expected demons to be ripping me apart over and over and some shit *knock on wood*, i havent seen anything but smoldering ruins.. no demons, no vultures, no naked red guy with a pitch fork.. atleast not yet.

I guarantee if i find my way to the 9th level, i'm out this bitch

It's not as hot as i thought it would be..

i remember in Dante's inferno, there are 9 levels of Hell.. mix that up with what dreams may come

and we have ourselves a quest to sneak into party

im gonna try and crash the party of all parties

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