Sunday, July 5, 2009

Day 40 - "Diamand"

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♫RadioHead - All i need♫
For some time i been having this feeling within myself. Like i'm a shiny crystal.. but people are blind to my value(*cough*Women). Had to pass up on a lotta friends because they couldnt fit the script, and had to let go or get let go by a handful of ladies because of the same.

In life people come and go, the ones that stay are meant to bear witness to history or be apart of the magic, their to help you build an empire or help them build theirs, interdependence is one of the the keys to success.

So i got this uber dope photo by the great Sacha waldman..originally featuring Moby(shhhh dont tell nobody). Set in the motherland where theres mad precious crystals and medals and the epicenter of my lineage of course :)

enjoy "Diamand" ..unkleluc is a diamond in the ruff

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