Saturday, September 12, 2009

Day 108(Photo guy) / 109(How we rock)

♫Termanology Ft./Unkleluc - How we rock♫

I was leaving the reception, in west palm beach...yes halfway to ORLANDO! and i already let go of the idea i was going to able to catch the termanology concert, when i hit up my homie cruz he told me Term wouldn't be on stage until like 1 or 2, i hit about 100 and got to Miami in less than 30 minutes, after he tore the stage down, i rocked the mic and had panties thrown at me :)

i was recently commisioned by a highschool friend to shoot her little sisters wedding. I was really nervous, and was getting paid to shoot a very important day in someones life.
i got all suited up, lookin stiff haha, but it was a good experience, pics will be up soon

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