Sunday, April 18, 2010

327, 326, 325(LATE)


The party was at Skyline on 6th and washington. The inside of the club is designed to look like ur inside a big ass plane, it's kinda dope.

I just sat and drowned out the sound of the music with thoughts of being over the city headed to my business meeting in Los Angeles to discuss the next blockbuster movie i'll be directing.

->Face time<-

Preparing to go celebrate with the iblog126 fam for prima's birthday, just using my camera instead of a Mirror.

->The Whacknes<-

As you can tell by the excited look on my face, i was enflamed with enthusiasm.

Very yawntastic evening, combined with my D90 continuously giving the dreaded "ERR".......... -______-

1 comment:

  1. why does it keep giving u an error?

    i cant believe u only have like a month n wat not