Sunday, April 25, 2010



On our way back home From Jens's crib Face's right rear tire explodes right before our exit.. almost home sweet home and we have a level 4 fail on our hands.

luckily help was swift and plentiful

->Browse tamm<-

Slut Time/SP-SF crew chillin at Jen's pad after DXC(which i did not attend)

->♪Leave me alone♪<-

♫Michael Jackson - Leave me alone♫

Anyone who knows me really well, knows that i hate talking on phones. Unless i'm talking business, or with a girl i've grown comfortable with on phone terms thencool, other than that, dont call me tryna talk and shit... seriously


Tonight was the draft, i was anxious to see where aot of these great players were headed, and i was ecited to see Tim Tebow go in the first round. I knew he'd end up a Bronco.

The dolphins Got Jared Odrick from penn state, and i watched Colt McCoy and Jimm Clausen slide down the draft ranks.. all drama


♫Donnis - Gone♫

Everytime i hear that song i feel like i'm high on drugs, shifting in and out of reality and retardedness

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