Friday, April 9, 2010

Day 317 - The team *LATE POST*

If i were to ever become famous, these 3 cats would be my team to kep me fresh.

Bottom Left is Fresh, he's my barber downtown at Next level Barber shop(every one in there is ill wit clippers, but im Biased wit Fresh, cuz he always manages to get me that ice Cube shape up)

Bottom Center is Reggie, and up top is Remmy, both work 2 doors down at Shoe Gallery, i been shopping there since 8th grade, and these cats are nothing short of insightful incase im unsure about something, and those tax free purchase keep my pockets smiling =)

and i gotta thank remmy for holding down the Stussy J. Dilla shirt for me, they only had 4 tee's

1 comment:

  1. I'm gookin', didn't think they had em at the gallery. Spilled soy sauce on it yesterday so might have to reup... ill pics though!