Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Prelude to Day 14

I have SWINE FLU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lol just kidding..or is it swine flu? ahh who cares. But, i am a bit sick..thanks to Jordan's bitch ass!

I been home watching House and eating ramen noodles.

I have a few ideas i want to explore..i woke up mighty early today with the most horrid sore throat pain..l l

and for some crazy reason i whipped out my nikon and started taking photos O_0..thats so odd.. a photographer...taking photos, what are the chances of that happening.

Heres a shots of my bitch :)

im in the mood to make a stop motion movie..but im too lazy to take action, and the ram in my PC will likely cause the shit to explode once i export the files into after effects..i need suggestions(Google search)

and someone please tell me why an ice cream truck is passing though my neighborhood at 12:30? really?

-Stay Tuned