Thursday, June 25, 2009

Prelude to Day 30

Progress, i feel like i have reached a check point. 1 month down, 11 more to go. i have a couple ideas runnin through my mind. all in all having a swell day, i woke up late as hell for some reason, like my body demannded it from me..sleep debt.

To be honest i haven't been so good to my body, what do you expect, i'm an American(Haitian :D). I hate water, i love delicious fatty foods, and i sit on my computer half the day, then go out late at's killing me so good.

I been gaining mad weight, especially in my stomach friggin dad used to have a belly b4 he went to prison, last i seen him he was skinny as hell, but the fact of the matter is, bellys run on both my parents side(as well as high blood pressure O_o)

SO i made the consicious decision to get back to working out..i've said that numerous believe me. But, i really need it, i don't feel like dying a fatboy death(i.e. heart attack, stroke). I have begun to drink lots of water, and i hate water, but im getting an appreaciation for it since i've taken a human nutrition class and spokee to Maverick the Marine lol.. but im getting things in order to get back in shape for SLUT TIME,OHH YEEEAH

-Stay tuned

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