Saturday, June 13, 2009

Prelude to Day 18

Ahhh good times..Yes?

I'm having a phenomenal day so far, last night got to hang wit my SP peeps

went to go watch the funniest movie i've seen since SuperBad. Beleive wehn i say that film is epic..a MUST SEE

Plus i got paid today, so you know how that goes, people forget they have bills to pay for the first hour after cashing a check lol.

I plan on continuing the saga from day expect that to be a recurring theme of sorts, explained through a slew of lyrical excerpts and movie dialogue

-Stay Tuned


  1. lol star with the rich boy pose

  2. wait what movie?? lol
    i really like that second pic
    i like how carrington is also takin a pic at the same time and the colors are so vivid luv it!

  3. cooooool iiii waaanna seee dat soooo baaaadd

    cant u tell by the repetition of my letters ?! lol