Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Prelude to Day 15

So 15 down and 350 days to go.

This is a nice challenge..but i'm in control and scared i might present myself with tasks that wont stretch my mind...or is that my inner psycho talking?

One thing i know about myself is that i'm very critical of myself, even when the world is like. "OMFG LUC THIS IS SO AMAZING!"..when i know its sub-par least compared to my influences work (i.e. Terry Richardson, Dave Hill,Gordon Parks, etc), and that is of course no offense to loyal "followers"..i feel arrogant saying that

Another problem i have is that i don't know how to take compliments without feeling like an arrogant douche accepting them..i get awkward O_o, so i rather write them off as inexperienced ppl seeing something out of their norm..once you enter the world of digital/visual begin to desensitize, and your standards sky rocket...or is that my inner psycho again?


-Stay Tuned


  1. its understandable for the mastermind to be critical but jus kno that u do quite amazing work so just dont down urself but take every compliment in stride.

    i just have to say tho ur pretty awesome