Friday, June 19, 2009

Prelude to Day 24

I feel so laaaaaaaaaaazyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy


as you all know my last peace was influenced by the work of Nabil on the "Welcome to heartbreak video" wich featured alot of Pixels and compression artifacts..wich is usually avoided with great passion..but in the world of art mistakes become cool and fashionable.

The technique is called "datamoshing" and began popping up around 2004/2005 and was used by video artists Takeshi Murata among a handful of others

I think thats the closest to an acid trip u can get without being on LSD O_o, its a really cool effect i want to explore and am studying a tutorial as we speak

You probaly see where Day 24 is heading :D

-Stay TUned


iight new drink

apparently the "originator" is not pleased with the mainstream butt raping of his work that he feels is becoming cliche'.. i guess i can understand where hes coming from..but still, douchebaggery much?

i've abandoned datamoshing project..until further notice


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