Monday, March 29, 2010

4 Days mega post =]

->Ghosts and stuff<-

♫Deadmau5 - Ghosts and stuff♫

forgive me if this seems a tad constricted.. my tripod got stolen by a crackhead in wynwood so my flexibility was limited =/

I been bumping this Deadmau5 song on repeat for a few days

->Lose Tonight<-

Finishing up the video shoot for Personal's music video for Lose tonight, gonna be up at 8mp (EST) on March 29th

Had a good time shooting, the video is awesome, Miami was very vibrant and jam packed thanks to Ultra.. so we had to wait a few hours for Downtown to become a ghosttown a again.. luckily the metro movers were open extra late

->Long Day<-

DXC, photoshoot wit C9, got my tripod stole by a crackhead... and i still didnt sleep

->Ball Game<-

My boys from high school threw together a re-union/"Celeb" basketball game and gave me the gig to snap photos for the event, it was kinda fun looking how north Miami has changed so much and stayed the same..

thats as much as im gonna say lol

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