Monday, March 15, 2010

5 day dump!

---Just recently got back internet access, and a working install for photoshop---

->Polyphonic Prairies<-

This damn song is still bouncing around my brain

->Empire ants<-

The Gorillaz album plastic beach is out.. and i must say the album is fantastic.. my favorite song has to be empire ants.. here's the lyrics to start the song that inspire this photo

"Oh, joys arise, the sun has come again to hold you
Sailing out the doldrums of the morning
The polyphonic prairies here, it's all around you
It's all around you out here

And if the whole world is crashing down on you
Fall through space, out of mind completely
Where the emptiness we leave behind on warm air rising
Those are the shadows far away

The falling of the whole empire, it's here to hold you
Rolling out and haunted till it sinks"

->Slut time: Reloaded<-

Farewell party hosted by lastrights

featuring Ghostwridah and mayday

->Master planning<-

Minutes before midnight, i scheme how i can make somthing epic for the upcoming mayday/ghostwridah show

->Super bored<-

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