Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Day 309 - Girugamesh / Day 308 - I see what you did there

♫The Shins - Sleeping lessons♫

So my last unicorn Percival died from a Cocaine overdose over the weekend.

I was searching all over for one, even the Beyond section of bed bath & beyond was out of Unicorns. So i did what any normal person would do, search Craigslist.

Apparently some Leprechaun in Orlando was short on gold, so i gave him some left over shillings from my trip to rainbowland (l l ), dont ask,.. and he gave me this 478 year old Unicorn named Girugamesh.. he's frickin awesome

I spent all day Tuesday watching videos of Videography techniques, i feel the need to up my game... these are just a summary of my facial expressions while watching O__o

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