Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Day 301 - How rude of me

I Don't think i've formally introduced you all to my alter egos.

Luc, Patrick, and UnkleLuc

you may be a tad familiar with them in past photos and even a few videos here and there.

You see, Patrick is the pure, child like, almost naive version of myself.. all my goodness stems from Patrick.

Luc is the asshole, he really doesnt give a fuck about much but himself.. he can be kinda arrogant, and a bit of a jerk.

UnkleLuc is the equilibrium. He's a great dude, calm and cool, but he doesnt take shit either.

I find myself switching between these 3 often, im trying my best to supress Patrick.. and Luc.. keep a balance between kindheartedness and complete douchebagness. Just to keep my head afloat in this cold world we live in, ya dig.

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