Sunday, March 21, 2010

6 Days in 1

---Im trippin with these late ass posts---

♫Butta Verses - Best that i can do♫

I'm about hit the final stretch in my 365, i've had my stints of laziness, procrastination, fear to execute on ideas. Now is the time to go out Gun's blazin.. really wanna end how i started.. i feel like the best part of my 365 was the first 100+days, time to bring it back like Stillmatic ;)

-Freelens test<-

Tryna incorporate this technique into my videographic arsenal

->The face of hidden anger<-

A wasted day.. trying to hold in rage with Bokeh glitter

->Super subs<-

Caught up wit my main man Angel today, great friend of mine, known this guy since 10th grade from playing uno in Geometry class.

You'd think if he got his girlfriend pregnant, i'd know about it before the kid grew ears.

He somehow forgot to mention, his girl was about 7 months preggo.... lol. so we had lunch to catch up on much needed information... and ate some damn good subs


Comcast jerkin again.. and i left my camera in the car.. old jeezy went to the casino for an all night vice fest.. Camera phone chronicles until tomorrow :(

->Black South<-

Chillin wit my long time homies yesterday, snapped a quick photoshoot for the boys formerly known as DB/Repo

slut time