Saturday, February 27, 2010

Day 276 - A lesson in Swindle: The Daniel Rojas chronicles / Day 275 - Waffle Fries / Day274 - Edit time

Moral of the story is, Never try to meet female nascar drivers that claim to know Raekwon on a personal level.

the details of this.. swindle of swindastic proportions shall remain within the analls of slut time

The SP/SF crew flocked to Relz house to chill out, watch internet videos(James earl jones VS. Watermelon, Unforgivable, etc).

Started off with some profanity lace intrusion on a bible study, making fun of scriptures with my scary movie voices. Then Relz came over with our awesome.

As we sat talking in the living room, 2 cats were kicking each others ass outside, and i used my cat whispering skills to adopt Slut times official feline member. Her name is Mujerezuela Pollo(Slut chicken).. don't ask why.

I also defeated a so called pool shark after everybody went down, including Cruz(who usually never loses.. in anything)

altogether fun night

Spent the night editing the photos i did for Triple jay

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