Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Day 267 - "Look who's home" / Day 266 - Obstacle course

After i finally to to Broward(again) for the shoot for my friend Chris and his Girlfriend, i headed over to Andres aka Personal aka Cafe P aka Slut time Beethoven

we chilled, chopped it up about the album that was supposed to drop forever ago, being that he's a super perfectionist, its been delayed longer than Detox

got a preview, and it sounds magnificent. Even sampled Cruz and Jordan in a tack titled "sunny side down" basically dedicated to the slut time movement, its awesome

Today i was scheduled to shoot my marine friend Chris who's in town with his grifriend who lives in Japan.

It was one dead end after the other keeping me from getting to do this shoot on time, be it traffic, or more traffic, or whatever, i was not meant to be there. when i finally got onto the highway, he called and asked to re-schedule...BUMMERRRRRRR...(that means the stuff i rented to shoot with would be billed another day)..but hey, thats the life of a photo i guess

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