Monday, February 1, 2010

Day 251 - Decisions collisions / Day 250 - BehBeh Prints / Day 249 - Drift

I finally have enough money for a mac, portable power and some remote transmitter/receivers for the alienbee.. and im stuck on what to do with the cash.. i inhered this financial irresponsibility from my mom.(sorry mommy)

i ould just go for what i planned, and try not to buy foolishness

went old school and got my prints from Walgreens

i am very pleased, got lost in the false idea that i could only get this quality of prints from some store in the art district or butt rape "PHOTOG" website, walgreens does the damn thing.

for the low =)

The more disappointing information i receive about Haiti's past, the more i learn to drift off to avoid having a stroke or some anger related fallout.

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