Saturday, February 20, 2010

Day 270 - Meet Steven / Day 260 - Tick tock

So i was shooting outside the house today aand playing around with the light, since i dont have the Vagabond battery yet, i utilized my trusty 100 ft extension cord lol.

After a while this pizza boy was driving around, i assumed he was looking for an adress to drop off the pizzas he had in his car. instead he turned around parked on the sid eof my house and asked if he could watch me shoot, turns out he sold his camera for some quick cash.. and he told me how he regrets it so much

I could see it in his eyes how bad he wanted to get back into photography, apparently he used to shoot cars, showed me some of his work on his blackberry..

we chopped it up a few, i gave him m info. hopefully he gets back into the photo game, we can trade some tricks

♫David Guetta Ft./Kid Cudi - Memories♫
Slut time is afoot

after a near dead battery, GPS chennanigans

i finally reached my lovely destination.. where the women dislike clothing =]

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