Monday, February 15, 2010

Day 263 - Trigger issues / Day 264 - Browse / Day 265 - Long exposure sex

Just messing wit some more long exposure

this is totally unplanned epicness

Sp/SF slut time crew chilled at Jasons house to watch the all-star game..

made a bet with Cruz to watch the gruesome video(3 guys 1 hammer) without flinching,, and he laughed a few times throughout(in his defense, he was laughing at us reacting to him being unfazed by the sight of a man being bludgeoned to death)

well nnow i gotta pay for the slut time stickers, since cruz is a sick f*ck.. or shall i say "desensitized"

As y'all already may know, i recently purchased some cyber syncs, and for some strange reason its making m Alien bee shoot FULL BLAST

i mean no matter what power setting i put it on, it shoots at full power, and its pissing me off, i'm using the phone jack.. the rest of the cords they sent me.. seem to have absolutely no place.. its STRANGE O___o

i don't know what to do, someone who uses cybersyncs gotta help a brutha out

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