Wednesday, February 10, 2010



Got Cybersybc transmitter and receiver for my Alienbee


(Excuse me)

Late on uploads, switching from PC to Mac

had to "PURCHASE" adobe photoshop and lightroom

(Leaders of the new cool)

A new day is rising, a fresh new breed of creative people are coming together down here in Miami, and i can;t wait to see it manifest itself

(Geux Saints)

My man drew brees gets a ring.. still pissed Miami didnt sign him wen we had the chance

its all good, got to relax wit my friends on a side of Miami i have never been, big ol houses, old white ladies offering me chicken(while not offending me). it was awesome

(The Cool Bowl)

Enjoying myself at the Cool Bowl

I been enjoying my fifteen minutes for my video/photo coverage, i was short on sleep editing to get this out to the masses, and with hard work and good timing it ended up on basically every top hip hop blog you can think of, thanks to posting it first, got over 5,000 hits on less than 2 days

(Waking Life)

Inspired by a technique i wanted to achieve, but never had the patience to really try. VECTORING

i also recently seen 2 movies, by the same team, that totally blew my mind. A scanner darkly, and waking life, wich feature a techniqe called rotoscoping, where basically every frame of the film is vectored.. absolute insanity

needless the say the films are visually stunning, but the stories are even more awe inspiring.. not much more i can say but to go watch them

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  1. this image makes me think of the film "the waking life"
    love it!